Never Forget a Face

Easily map names to faces to locations so you never forget an employees name again.

Faster Onboarding

Don't leave your new employee lost after going through the office tour. Give them a map so they can continue learning the office throughout the crucial first few days.

Connect the Office

Is operations afraid to talk to IT? Do they not know anyone over there? Maptly makes it easy for employees to get familiar with the rest of the office.

Keep it Personal

No more standard brown nameplates. Let your employees upload their own pictures and write their own summaries and descriptions.

Encourage Interaction

While most office technologies focus on online communications, Maptly helps to foster face to face interactions between employees even across departments.


shoppers on a city street

Let Shoppers Find You

No need for complex links or text messages, just send your users to and Maptly will automatically suggest your map using their location.

Let Shoppers Find Your Stores

Let shoppers spend more time shopping and less time searching for a directory by putting the map on their phone.

Manage Change

Do you have new stores coming in? Maptly makes it easy to add and remove Points of Interest on the map.

Keep it branded

No need for your digital map to look like a street map. Upload the printable map you already use for your directories and have your map ready instantly.


university library

Stop losing students

Students getting lost trying to find their classroom? Never again with Maptly.

Save the planet

No paper, no litter, and no toxic paper treating chemicals. Maptly maps are a green as they come.

Keep it easy

No technology experience needed. Upload a map of your event and get started in just a few clicks.

Get Started in Minutes

Use the images of your map that you already have. Add your points of interest and go live in no time!